Still unsure if chiropractic treatment is right for you? See what other patients are saying about their experience with our practice.

After hurting my neck and back while exercising I came to see Dr. Kim on my wife’s referral.  I had restricted movement, and moving my head side to side had a great deal of pain in my neck, shoulder, back, and chest.  The pain made it difficult to go through my daily routine, also causing discomfort that lead to sleep loss.  A couple days ago, after my first treatment with Dr. Kim, I regained much of range of motion and a significant reduction in pain.  After about 2 weeks and 4 treatments I felt like 98% better and was no longer in my pain and was able to resume my regular daily activities.  I would highly recommend Dr. Kim to anyone experiencing discomfort in their neck and/or back.

- Jeffery M.

I had been doing strenuous workouts with heavy weights and unfortunately wasn’t using correct form and injured my lower back.  I was in pain for almost 2 months where I could barely bend over or lift weights.  I finally decided to see a doctor because it was starting to impact me on daily basis.  I went to Dr. Kim on a weekly basis, who assessed the situation and told me what was wrong, helped me and showed me what I could do at home to lessen my pain.  It only took about 6 sessions before I started feeling much better and only had pain once a week and had my full range of motion back.  The staffs are extremely friendly and efficient too! I feel much better and will come back if I ever need to.

- Claudia H.

I was having an acute pain in my lower back as result of a horse riding accident.  My pelvis was twisted and my vertebrae was out of aliment.  I also had a bulging disk and the pain was constant and it was painful to sit, sleep or work.  Dr. Kim started treating my back, pelvis and quickly the pain was reduced soon that I was able to return to work.  Now my back feels much better, thanks to your efforts doctor. “Thank you, Dr. Kim!”

- Ruben C.

I had bulging disks and terrible knee pain.  After the first treatment, I was able to walk.  My back improved so much.  The use of ART(Active Release Technique) has made my life different.  I told Dr. Kim that he had magic fingers.  He is dedicated, concerned, has great manners, and knowledgeable on the conditions that I had.  Dr. Kim has changed my life.

- Matilde L.

I had been having poor health due to combined issues with my knee, back and neck.  Also my TMJ was getting worse every year and my face was unbalanced and I had a lot of neck and jaw pain, even when just smiling. My computer job made my condition worse and several epidural injections for surgeries added more problems.  I saw different chiropractors for almost 10 years and it seems like all of them only managed my pain level, so my health wasn’t really improved. Last year, I was seen by a physical therapist for my knee pain but didn’t get good results.  I’ve been getting treatment from Dr. Kim for over 4 months now and I feel so lucky that I met him. He explained my condition with detailed information and he informs me about my condition and progress on every visit.  As I mentioned earlier I received many chiropractic treatments for pain management but Dr. Kim truly wants to help address the source and cause of my problems and my foundational issues are getting better.  He also took time to advise and train me with daily exercises to help correct problems and it is really helping me out.  Now my back pain is reduced significantly and driving is not so bad.  My problems are finally improving after all these years.  Dr. Kim is highly recommended!

- M. K.

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